About Gio

Hey everyone! Thanks for stopping by.Originally I am from Lecce,a town on the heel of the Italian boot; have lived in Milan, Italy as well as in Cardiff, UK and I am currently based in Geneva, Switzerland. I have always been passionate about photography but in 2009 I started to pursue this interest more seriously. Since then I have participated at various events as a photographer. I also enjoy making portraits or taking my camera with me to catch rare moments while out and about.Stay tuned!

I would like to hear your thoughts ,and feedback.feel free to comment. Email: giorosafio@gmail.com Phone:   +41 (0)77 50 52 350  /   english  – french- italian




4 thoughts on “About Gio

  1. Thank you so much for following, I loved finding your blog in return and following straight away -you take amazing pictures, love your style and look forward to seeing more of your work in the future!
    All the best, Anna

      • Thank youuuu! Lucky you for going, I love that city -you’ll take amazing pictures for sure! It’s full of great spots, I just wandered around the streets with my camera and music in my ears for hours and hours and it was awesome 🙂

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